What do other people have to say?

It’s been an honour and pleasure working with some great people and companies.  Here’s what some of them have said about projects I have been involved in.

We certainly gained a lot from the workshop. We came away confident that not only is there so much more we can do to improve conversions but also that we can carry on improving both our sales system and product features with every call.

Dr Deepak Rallan, Director & Chief Consultant – Diamond Skin Care

Steve is a rare breed – someone who can combine decades of experience in how to build value for your B2B products and services, combined with the sharpest of minds to ensure that you aren’t focussing your attention on the wrong problem. Steve was a great mentor to me in my first few months at Huthwaite. His expertise, combined with his willingness to help, listen, mentor and coach make him sorely missed and a great asset if you are looking for an expert view on sales.

Darren Whitehouse, Client Director – Huthwaite International

I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and mentoring along the way. I really enjoyed working with you and learned a lot. You will be missed – and you will leave a great hole.”

Senior Consultant – Management Consultancy

The team was very receptive to dialogue while also not hesitating to challenge us in developing the most appropriate programme, it was a very constructive exchange. We have established a common language throughout the business to ensure a consistent commercial approach. This has enabled our sales, marketing and technical teams around the world to think closely about the questions they pose and react appropriately to the different types of feedback they receive throughout the commercial process.”
Serge Vigouroux, executive VP, new business development & brand strategy – INVISTA


You have been a valuable asset for us all these years and your work has a great impact in our business.”
Senior Manager, Training Solutions – Global Enterprise Software Vendor