Service team mobilisation

Unlocking your hidden salesforce

It is a harsh reality that sales people are getting less and less face-to-face time with their customers and it’s a trend that is set to continue.  Even worse, when they do get contact with a customer it’s no longer with the individuals that use your products and services, it’s with the procurement team.

How can a sales organisation get its message across when they can’t even meet the people whose problems they solve?  By utilising your hidden salesforce, your service team.  Service (by which I mean anyone customer-facing who is not sales) have regular and intimate contact with exactly the customers you want to influence.

I can help your service team recognise and accept their role within your sales operation.  By mobilising your service team to recognise and harvest the sales intelligence they can gather we can unlock the access and insights you need to grow your business.

Steve Thurlow Consulting