Learning partner selection

Getting it right; on time, first time

Embarking on a learning and development project can be a daunting task, the investment can be significant and the return uncertain.  Despite everyone’s best efforts many training projects fail to deliver the desired business improvements.

It’s important you select the right partner and vital you get the selection process right, so why does it so often go wrong?  I have received and responded to hundreds of RFPs and tenders for training projects and, sadly, the vast majority were dreadful.  Typically, they were long-winded requests for huge amounts of information that will never be read and, even if it were, wouldn’t help inform the selection decision.

But a well written RFP and well managed process can quickly yield results. A good RFP invites the right information in an easily assimilated form.  This enables you to quickly and accurately weigh the relative merits of each offer and select the right partner.

I can help prepare, present and evaluate learning partner bids, saving you time and money and ensuring you get the results you are seeking.

Steve Thurlow Consulting