Business coaching

Turning good intentions into bottom line results

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get a little more out of your sales team?  They are talented and enthusiastic, and you’ve invested in learning and development, so why do you feel there’s more they can give?

Sales, especially field sales, can be a lonely business and it’s easy for a sales team to feel isolated and unsupported.  Despite all the training you give them, once they are back out on the road they quickly revert back to type.

Your sales managers are supposed to support them but how?  They have their own targets and customers- often the biggest ones, who always take priority.

Despite espousing a coaching culture most companies fail to achieve one; they simply don’t have the resources available.  As an experienced sales coach I can help your organisation grow by unlocking the real sales potential of your team.

And, as an external, I can be utilised in a targeted way, only there when needed and targeting the individuals or opportunities that can give you the biggest pay-back.  Finally, as we’d be working towards permanent, genuine skills improvement, after a while you don’t need me at all.

Steve Thurlow Consulting