Adapting for the new normal

Even as we begin to emerge from lockdown, it may be a long time before we return to face-to-face meetings as the default way of conducting business. Indeed, we may never go back; B2B selling and negotiation may have changed forever. Fortunately, the key elements of effective selling, sales management, coaching and negotiation; questioning, listening and communication skills, are all predominantly verbal skills. It is therefore easily possible to maintain high quality commercial interactions remotely. I will continue to work with my clients to develop top-flight sales organisations that are fully equipped to flourish in the new commercial landscape.



In a recent post, I explored how, for Steve Thurlow Consulting, the way forward is to adopt a Refresh strategy.  That means continuing to do what I’ve always done but in a modified way. The principle changes are:

  • All resources repurposed to be delivered virtually rather than face to face.
  • All interactions to be conducted via Zoom, telephone or email until restrictions are lifted.
  • Even once restrictions are completely lifted, I appreciate that many organisations and individuals will be reluctant to have face to face meetings, especially with people they have never met before. I therefore intend to continue to offer remote consultation, discovery, and intervention indefinitely.
  • The move to remote interventions makes physical location irrelevant, there is no travel needed for a Zoom call. Therefore, I am now offering my full range of services, remotely, to clients in all parts of the UK.
  • I will monitor technological developments to ensure the best possible remote experience when meeting remotely.
  • I will continue to attend networking events (virtually of course) to forge and strengthen alliances and partnership in order to offer recommendations to clients on topics outside my own areas of expertise.

I believe there is a backlog of unsatisfied demand waiting to be unleashed. There is also a huge desire within sales organisations to regain market share and recoup lost revenue. For organisations with a world-class sales operation, the future is looking very bright indeed.